Welcome to Cannabusiness Insurance Center, one of the foremost insurance providers in the canna/hemp industry.

Welcome to Canna Business Insure, the leading provider of insurance for businesses in the Canna1 industry. Canna Business Insure is a one-stop shop for all your Canna1 business insurance needs. We have Canna1 insurance products and packages tailored specifically for businesses in every stage of the Canna1 industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your business, your employees, and your investors are protected from any potential perils with no gaps in coverage. 

Why choose Canna Business Insure?

All too frequently insurance companies do not want to provide coverage for a canna/hemp-related business, simply because they do not know enough about your industry. No company can afford to be uninsured or underinsured. We can assist you in navigating insurance solutions for this expanding business sector because Canna Business Insure specializes in insuring businesses in the Canna1 industry. Our 40+ years in the insurance world means that we understand the unique risks and challenges that your business faces. We are committed to providing you with the best possible coverage at the most competitive rates. Our experienced and professional Canna1 company insurance underwriters are always available to answer any questions you may have.

What Canna1 services do we provide insurance for?

As the Canna2 industry continues to grow, so does the need for comprehensive and reliable insurance coverage. At Canna Business Insure, we understand the distinctive needs of businesses in this rapidly evolving industry, and we are committed to providing the protection you need to thrive. We are proud to offer complete coverage for all aspects of your industry, designed for every service in the Canna1 business arena. From independently owned local growers to advanced canna/hemp research and development laboratories, we can help you find the insurance solutions you need to protect your business.

Our Canna1 industry and services insurance include customized plans for:

  • Cultivators and Growers Insurance
  • Processors and Manufacturers’ Insurance
  • Landlords/Property Owners Insurance
  • Testing Laboratories & Facilities Insurance
  • Delivery & Transport Insurance Insurance
  • Canna1 Dispensary Insurance
  • Other Ancillary Businesses
  • Canna3 Insurance Products
  • Hemp Business Insurance
  • Canna1 Company Insurance
  • Recreational Canna1 Business Insurance
  • Medical Canna1 Insurance
  • Infused Product Insurance

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Grower's Insurance

As a canna/hemp grower, protecting your plants throughout their growth cycle is critical to your business. A natural disaster can quickly wipe away your investment of time and money. Cannabusiness has the experience to get you the coverage you need in case disaster strikes.

What may be covered?

We can provide crop insurance for your plants in three stages of growth:

Living Plant Material

This includes your seeds, growing plants, young seedlings, and flowering plants still in the growing medium.

Harvested Plant Material

When your plants are taken out of their growing medium and are in the process of drying and curing.

Finished Stock

When your plants have been completely processed, and you are ready to sell the matured canna/hemp plant.

Dispensary Insurance

The moment you open the doors of your retail canna/hemp storefront, you are at risk for potential liability claims, theft, and other types of damage or loss. Dispensary insurance can help you recover quickly in times of loss from events such as robbery, theft, fire or weather exposure. You can continue running your business successfully and protect your livelihood.

Legal dispensary insurance is not expensive and can bring an enormous sense of relief by knowing you are covered. At Cannabusiness Insurance Center, we can discuss your options and build a portfolio of insurance protection, such as general liability, product liability, property, fire and theft, or loss of income.

Hemp Insurance

Are you focusing on either growing hemp or manufacturing hemp products? Hemp is part of the canna/hemp family. However, hemp contains a very low concentration of THC and is not psychoactive compared. Still, being involved in the hemp industry can still require some specialized insurance coverages. Our experts at the Cannabusiness Insurance Center can evaluate your business and its exposures in order to recommend the proper coverages.

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Laboratory Insurance

Research and development are expensive. Add an error or omission when verifying the THC and CBD levels or the pollutants in your canna/hemp, and it can lead to a significant financial loss. Our team understands the risks of canna/hemp testing and can work with you to help protect your operations.

Infused Product/
Manufacturing Insurance

If you produce canna/hemp-infused products such as oils, waxes, tinctures, or even edible canna/hemp goods, you should consider protecting your business investment with insurance. The FDA has not approved the use of edible products so regular insurance companies may not cover you. You require a solid product liability insurance cover that can help protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

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Commercial Property Insurance

You have a significant investment in your equipment to get your product to market. From growing equipment, display cases, and buildings, we understand that a lot is at stake if you face accidental damage or theft. Cannabusiness Insurance Center can help get you covered and provide the peace of mind you need when running your business.

Ancillary Business Insurance

Does your business serve the legal canna/hemp industry? Having coverage for your hydroponic store, testing lab, or retail shop helps keep you and your employees safe and protected so you can continue supporting your customers. We can help you navigate the variety of coverage options and tailor a package to suit your commercial needs.

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The CannaBusiness Insurance Center is proud to serve the canna/hemp industry and to provide
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opportunity to serve you and this industry.

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